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Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas has over 20,000 Conventions Annually

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is a tale of two cities.  Local Las Vegas is a growing metropolis with a resident population of nearly 2 million.  Las Vegas, the world’s most exciting and dynamic city, is a 4-mile stretch of land that boasts an annual population of  40 million.

The Las Vegas Resort Corridor’s visitor and convention population offers marketers the unique opportunity to reach a national and a growing international audience with strong frequency.  Big Traffic mobile billboards have the power to introduce your brand to a new market of over 700,000 visitors and convention attendees every week.   Imagine promoting your brand to specific industries gathered for conventions or meetings.  Imagine positioning your brand in the world’s best known destination for fun and excitement.   Imagine your brand as part of the Las Vegas experience and that is part of the memories that nearly 40 million visitors share when the return home.

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Convention and Trade Show Advertising

Over 20,000 conventions, trade shows, meetings and events are hosted in Las Vegas.  When attendees aren’t in sessions, they’re out and about enjoying all that the Las Vegas resort corridor has to offer.  Mobile Billboards are an excellent way to reach attendees with brand messaging and they’re highly effective in driving booth and exhibit traffic.  Custom routes are developed to target prime to-and-from traffic patterns, and to target areas around host hotels. Contact us today to learn more about how Big Traffic can maximize traffic to your booth!

Las Vegas Convention Center

Brand Advertising

Times Square is known for its out-of-home brand advertising.  The Las Vegas Strip rivals the audience power of Times Square for brand exposure, and possibly exceeds its in terms of the ability to  deliver reach and frequency to a national and international audience.  Las Vegas’ visitor population of nearly 40 million stays on the Las Vegas Strip an average of 3.5 days.  The sights and sounds they experience during their visits become a part of the memories they take home to share with friends and family.

Las Vegas plays host to many sporting, music, and other special events every year.  These events draw large numbers of attendees from across the nation and around the world, as well as appealing to local Las Vegans.  Big Traffic is an expert at creating custom routes to reach attendees before, during, and after events, enabling you to deliver your brand’s message to event-specific audiences.

Mobile billboards are a part of the Las Vegas cityscape and they’re a part of the Las Vegas experience.  The Big Traffic team is happy to help you how to maximize your reach on the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Event Advertising