The Mobile Advertising Difference – High Traffic Moving Billboards

The BigTraffic Difference

Mobile Billboards Catch Consumers at Street Level

With over a decade of experience in delivering mobile billboard advertising campaigns to the Las Vegas visitor and local markets, Big Traffic prides itself in providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction.  Advertising is our ONLY business.  Everything we do – from custom routing to stunning creative development to our innovative out-of-home advertising solutions – is delivered with your brand in mind.

The Big Traffic team knows the Las Vegas market and we are experts in packaging layered out-of-home advertising media that provide you with multiple levels of exposure to reach your target audience as they are out and about making decisions about what to do, where to go, and what to buy.  Give us a call or shoot us a note and we’ll be happy to provide you with a no-obligation recommendation.

Billboard Trucks on Las Vegas Strip
Westgate Resorts Las Vegas

BigTraffic Mobile Billboards

Our mobile billboards deliver larger-than-life stunning creative messages to target consumers as they’re out and about, making decisions about where to go and what to do in the Las Vegas resort corridor. Whether your audience is our general visitor population or convention or event attendees, our 10’x 20’ moving billboards are custom-routed to achieve your marketing goals.  Big Traffic’s 24/7 delivery capability means that your campaign can be scheduled to reach early morning risers or to reach late night club goers.

In the local market, mobile billboards reach deep into neighborhoods where other forms of out-of-home advertising are scarce or non-existent, and can target retail and business centers, demographic clusters, and other targeted areas.

Whether your audience is in the Las Vegas visitor corridor or living in Las Vegas, Big Traffic mobile billboards deliver high frequency and reach at a cost that’s hard to beat.

  • 400 Sf of Advertising
  • 24/7 Campaign Delivery
  • Flexible Delivery Times
  • Custom Routing & Targeting
  • Optional Rear Poster
  • Creative change-out flexibility
  • Large-scale campaign delivery
  • 360° exposure
  • Audio Available
  • Solid steel frame construction
  • Uniformed, trained impression specialists
  • Cost-effective CPMs


  • Liability insurance covers and protects clients
  • Complimentary vinyl creative storage
  • DOT certified vehicles and impression specialists
  • Impression specialists are employees
  • Impression specialists are extensively trained
  • Weekly vehicle checks


Our premier mobile billboard campaigns provide you with extensive accountability so you know exactly where and when your billboard truck has been throughout the designated route in Las Vegas.  We provide proof-of-performance documentation, post0-performance reporting, and discrepancy reports in case of issues.

Walking Billboards

walking billboards las vegas strip advertising

46,000 Vehicular & Pedestrian Impressions per Hour!

Walking billboards are high-impact street-level signage, carried by walking brand ambassadors. WOBI® advertising reaches visitors as they are making decisions about what to do and what to see while they’re visiting Las Vegas..  Back-lighting allows signage to be clearly visible at night, and WOBI®s can distribute collateral and engage with visitors on behalf of your brand.

brand ambassadors for mystere las vegas

Brand Ambassadors

Or brand ambassadors are highly trained representatives who represent your brand and image on behalf of your business.  Our brand ambassadors interact with the consumer and are able to distribute marketing collateral, give directions, or any other method of communication or performance desired.  

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